Natural Technology

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

- Steve Jobs

Natural User Interfaces

What can be more natural for human being than using voice, touch, gestures and emotions ?
We enable machines to understand your natural means of communication using Natural User Interfaces.
No gadgets to hold, swing, push or pull. YOU are the controller !
There is now no barrier between technology and your brain.
Just move and think, and things happen !

Naturally designed for humans

Humans naturally communicate with gestures, voice, touch and emotions. why should we communicate differently with technology? Technology should be able to understand us in our natural way of communicating.
In order to make that become a reality, NaturSoftware revolutionizes how we use technology, based on gesture recognition, touch, voice and emotion of users, allowing them to focus on what they want to do.

Our Team

In NaturSoftware's multidisciplinary Team (Developers, User Interfaces and Experiences Designers, Strategists), we are working to make computer interactions much more intuitive and natural.
We leverage the power of natural user interfaces, artificial intelligence and augmented reality to create innovative and amazing technologies.

Discover Iris

Iris revolutionizes the way humans interact with technology and works together.
Dive in the new way of collaboration !

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Our Customized Offer

With our NaturFramework Technology,
we transform existing applications into user-centric, natural and intuitive applications.

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