Iris is a disruptive user centered solution developed by NaturSoftware to revolutionizes the way teams can work together.
As an impressive step towards for collaboration, Iris enables your teams to achieve the impossible by using only human natural means of communication such as gesture, voice, touch and emotions.

Enhance your work experience

With Iris, great minds can connect easily to share stunning ideas and set up tomorrow’s most amazing projects.
Team up seamlessly and remotely like never before. Interaction with remote team members is easily achieved. You will never work the same way again.

Multi-Site collaboration

Connect your teams, interact with your business associates as if you were in the same room thanks to augmented-reality videoconferencing in order to foster team proximity, reactivity and engagement. Keep your team in the know with real time notifications.

Increase your productivity

Only Iris powers a dynamic and intelligent interface that let you forget about software learning process and concentrate on your expertise.
Unleash your potential and creativity with the new power brought by Natural User Interfaces by using technology in the most natural and fun way.

Get advices from Ava

Ava is the autonomous and intelligent companion of Iris, who acquires knowledge and information about your team and you with usage.
Thanks to facial recognition, Ava helps the team members by giving customized advice according to accurate data determined by your information system kpi.

Integration - Continuity

Keep your datas and keep working !
Iris is designed to be highly compatible with existing information systems & ALM and automatically updates your data.

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things !
Theodore Levitt