The best way to predict the future is to create it

Alan Kay

Your existing applications

With our NaturFramework Technology , we transform your existing applications into intuitive, engaging and natural applications
based on natural interactions like gestures, voice, touch and emotions recogntion.
Dream it Naturally, we will do it !

Transform your workshops

Transform your work sessions , push the limits of collaboration by working in the fully intuitive, engaging and digital environment that we offer !
To enhance your experience in your workshops, we provide user-centric applications (based on human natural gestures and voice recognition) ,
and also tables multi touch and multi user that will add more interactivity in your teams.

Surgery - Operating rooms

As a surgeon, you rely on an array of MRI and CT scans, but can't navigate them because the keyboard and mouse that control them aren't sterile.
With our natural user interface technology, we transform the operating rooms to allow you to access and navigate into your imagery and medical document through natural hand gestures and simple voice commands, all this from your operating table position.

Enhance customers experience

For your exhibits and in your stores, increase your conversions by giving to your visitors and customers an amazing, fun and engaging experience by using our user-centric technology, based on gestures, emotions and voice recognition.
You can also use our artificial intelligence "Ava" to give a new dimension to your products presentations !

Get connected to your future !
NaturSoftware's Team